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     The Statistical Consulting firm specializes in analyzing and presenting scientific data, medical data, demographic data, financial data and marketing data. The trend of both generating and collecting data has been increasing rapidly in the last several decades. This explosive growth in stored data has generated an urgent need for new techniques that can intelligently assist our firm in transforming the vast amounts of data into useful information and knowledge.

     We analyze data from the statistical point of view as well as summarize data to present it graphically. In the first hand, we also specialize in assisting in data collection and data management issues as the data must be prepared for conduction of statistical analysis.

     We explore various concepts and techniques of Data Mining referred to in the nowadays language as Knowledge Discovery in Databases. That process is the automated or convenient extraction of patterns representing knowledge implicitly stored in large databases, data warehouses, and other massive information repositories. Data Mining in our firm is nothing else as drawing work from areas including database technology, artificial intelligence, and neural networks, statistics and data visualization.

     The main goal of our firm is to provide our customers with methods of transforming data into meaningful information including data management, descriptive summaries, statistical methods and the creation of graphics so they can find out what powerful information they have in their data depository systems.

     Our firm also wants to inform our customers what type of complex applications are available to come up with various techniques of manipulating as well as presenting the knowledge data can be turned into.

     We specialize by using various resources in using the vast array of statistical techniques including their appropriate assumptions that can be appropriately applied in a particular analysis. In other words, we can be very helpful and educate our customers by asking a series of sequential questions and giving answers that lead them to an appropriate statistic or a statistical technique. There are the variety statistical techniques that can be applied in social sciences and medical data as well as marketing data.

     We hope that our firm will encourage people with different backgrounds and experiences to exchange their views regarding Data Mining by providing them with excellent services that will contribute toward the further promotion and shaping of this exciting and dynamic field.

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