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About Us

     The Statistical Consulting firm just engaged in providing services to its clients since 2012. We provide services to Healthcare Organizations, Marketing firms and work as web developers by designing various logos and websites.

     We have an extensive experience in applying statistical methods to different types of data including medical data, social science data and marketing data. We possess a huge amount of experience building various statistical control charts that can enable visualization for hospitals how they are doing in terms of their surgeries, heart data, oncological data and other medical data. With our extensive knowledge of medical research, we provide our clients with various statistical analysis tools on how to analyze data statistically as well as summarize data in the forms of presentations.

      Marketing firms can benefit from our organization in the form of different segmentation and classification analysis what can be helpful for them in making their business decisions.

     As mentioned, our firm provides web development services in the form of building very interesting websites with graphics of many newly produced graphical programs.

    Our firm helps clients to go through the brainstorming process allowing them to visualize what type of questions must be answered based on data included in their depository systems. The following presentation might be helpful for them while gaining most valuable ideas:"Consulting Process Spectrum".

     In order to walk our clients through what type of analysis our team has done in the past, we highly recommend viewing the following types of statistical analysis:      We hope our services can be profitable as well as enjoyable to our clients as we work together on various components of Data Mining that possess the power to turn their data in the meaningful information answering many of their business arising questions.

     Our consulting services are price free for gaining ideas how each project can be done. Every project is being priced on the individual basis depending on what type of analysis needs to be done and how long it takes, and we negotiate it with our clients.

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