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     The preferred method to establish the initial contact is by office@statconsultingzoo.com. Through e-mail you can explain in detail about the problem you have, the data you have available and what you wish to achieve.

     You can also let us know of the time parameters for your project/question. We will respond to your request within a few hours of receiving your email.

     Our address is ul.M. Reja 24
     22-400 Zamosc
You can call us at +48 846273975 or 608187628


      Our company is based in Zamosc, Poland. We can meet with you personally by making the appropriate arrangements for a face-to-face interview, or conduct the entire process through email.

Tel: +(48)846273975  Cell: +(48)608 187628  E-mail: office@statconsultingzoo.com