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Consulting Services

     What information that is hidden in data is important to you? Which statistical method should be selected to discover that? What type of software would be the best to make those predictions or classifications that can be derived from your data?

     Answering those questions as well as supporting you in the process of implementation of new methods is our main focus.

     Our Statistical Consulting firm has an extensive experience from various industries and in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge.

We provide the following services:

  • Statistical Data Analysis Consulting, refer to "Statistical Methods"
  • Measurement of Quality Improvement in Healthcare, refer to "Statistical Control Charts" using Minitab Statistical Software
  • Web Development Services by designing the variety of websites and logos
  • Survey Data Preparation for Statistical Analysis
  • Random and Stratified Sample Calculations
  • Data Management by planning and designing the various depository databases such as M.S Access and M.S SQL Server 2005-2008
  • Data summaries, reports and presentations
  • Forecasting Time Series Analysis using SAS Statistical Software
     We provide services allowing the hospitals to see measurement of quality of their services referring to "quality assurance".In order for the hospitals to answer questions in which areas they need improvement, our firm can easily assist them in doing so. We are data driven company that can draw the data of 24 months of service to see how hospitals are doing in infections, heart attacks, cesarean sections and etc. We can describe simple and economical tools to assist managers in effectively and validly assessing their improvement plans in the form of various control charts.For example, when addressing a question: what would be an improvement in mortality rate from 1998 to 2000, we can be very helpful in assisting you.

     We provide variety of services to the marketing companies by applying various segmentation and classification techniques that might be helpful in determining what type of customers can be the best buyers of a certain product. For that type of services mostly we use SPSS Statistical Software and Answer Tree 3.1.

     We deal with data collected over time and our goal of univariate time series analysis is to forecast future values of the series. When performing the forecasting analysis, we deal with: seasonality, trend, and autocorrelation. For example, we can graph sales over time to show the steady increase or prediction which will be the feature amount of sales. Another example will be to graph the historic data of an unemployment rate and with the appropriate statistical methodology of ARIMA model predict the unemployment rates for the next consecutive months of the same year by using SAS Statistical Software.

     We specialize in the web development by providing services such as: designing logos, internet websites by using HomeSite and Photoshop 7.1.

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