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Statistical Methods

    Statistical Procedures applying to continuous and categorical data
  • Descriptive statistics (mean, median, mode, SD, SE, 95%CI for mean)
  • t-test(paired sample or independent sample) with the appropriate assumptions
  • Chi-square test applied for 2 X 2 tables and used only for small sample sizes
  • Mantel-Haenszel Chi-Square test stating a linear association between the row variable and the column variable with both variables lying on the ordinal scale
  • Cochran-Armitage test testing for trend in binomial proportions, appropriate for two-way table where one variable has two levels and the other variable is ordinal
  • Fisher's Exact Test defining association between row and column tables that is appropriate for small sample sizes and sparse tables. That test does not depend on any large-sample distribution assumptions.
  • McNemar test applied to the binomial distribution for 2 X 2 tables, appropriate when analyzing data from matched pairs of subjects with dichotomous (yes-no) response
  • Measures of Association appropriate of the ordinal variables: gamma, Kendall's tau-b, Stuart's tau-c and Somers'
  • Anova performing analysis of variance One-way, Two-way and multivariate analysis of variance-Manova, which performs multivariate analysis of variance when multiple dependent variables are listed in the model
  • MIXED Models adhering to the randomized complete blocks design having one fixed effect(treatments) and one random effects(blocks)
  • GLIMMIX procedure fitting statistical models to data with correlations or nonconstant variability and response variable not necessarily normally distributed
  • CATMOD procedure fitting linear models and performing analysis of variance and repeated measures analysis of variance for categorical responses
  • LOGISTIC procedure fitting logistic regression models for binomial and ordinal outcomes
  • CANCORR procedure fitting continuous data to correlate simultaneously several dependent variables and several independent variables
  • Discriminant Analysis procedure classifying observations where dependent variable is categorical and independent variables are continuous
  • Time Series Analysis (forecasting, ARIMA, ARCH,GARCH models)

    Nonparametric Methods requiring the minimal or none assumptions about the form of the distribution of the population
  • Wilcoxon rank-sum test carries by doing permutation test on the ranks and using the sum of ranks of one of the treatments as the statistics, it is performed to do the pairwise comparisons
  • Kolmogorov-Smirnov test defines the maximum absolute value of the difference between the two treatments
  • Kruskal-Wallis test detects differences among treatments
  • Friedman's test used for larger number of treatments when performing means comparisons

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